Start the Season Off Right at the Wisconsin Holiday Market!

With Thanksgiving Day less than two weeks away, it’s hard to deny that winter is just around the corner. Despite how you may feel about the cold and snowy weather, at least it means that Christmas will be here soon! If you’re like us, you love the prospect of the holidays and everything that goes along with it – such as shopping and decorating for the season. That’s why we believe that the Wisconsin Holiday Market is something that should not be missed when traveling in the Kohler area during this particular time of year.

Start the Season Off Right at the Wisconsin Holiday Market | Inn on Hillwind

Taking place from November 21st through the 23rd at The American Club and the Kohler Design Center, the 34th Annual Holiday Market is a favorite amongst both locals and visitors alike. Countless vendors from all across the Midwest make their way into town to showcase tons of holiday-themed goodies. Stop through and chat with them as you browse through a selection of decorations, sweets, clothing and accessories, and so much more. From the moment you arrive at the market and take a look around, you’ll understand why most people find it extremely difficult to leave without having purchased something for themselves, or as a gift for a loved one.

Even if you don’t want to spend the entire day on your feet, shopping around – that’s okay! Once you’ve had your fill of the Holiday Market and have made your purchases, stick around and enjoy a meal at one of the many incredible restaurants throughout Kohler. Learn more about some of the top-rated restaurants throughout the area here or take the time to browse through various menus that we keep here at Inn on Hillwind.

For more information on admission and operating hours to the Wisconsin Holiday Market, visit The American Club website today, and keep in mind that the club is less than 20 minutes away from our Bed and Breakfast Hotel here at N4922 Hillwind Road in Plymouth.

Make a reservation online by clicking on Availability, or call us at 920-892-2199. We hope to see you at the Inn on Hillwind soon for the holiday season!

Experience the Breathtaking Fall Foliage in Sheboygan this Season!

Practically everyone would agree that one of the greatest things about the fall season is watching all of the leaves change to gorgeous, vibrant colors. Here in Wisconsin, we’re lucky enough to boast some of the greatest fall foliage in the country, which makes now one of the best times to plan your trip to stay at our beautiful bed and breakfast hotel in Sheboygan.

Experience the Breathtaking Fall Foliage in Sheboygan this Season | Inn on Hillwind

While your visit will certainly be filled with plenty of fall scenery around every corner, if you are interested in taking it all in on a grander scale, we would highly recommend that you make time to check out the Northern Unit of Kettle Moraine State Forest. This 29,268-acre forest is home to some of the most gorgeous views in the state. Regardless of whether you choose to hike or bike through the trails, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking sights at every turn. Plus, as the red and yellow colors of the wooded hills dance across the calm lakes dotted across the forest, you’ll feel like you’re getting double the beauty.

If you choose to make a day out of it, be sure to pack a picnic lunch and take your romantic hike through the State Forest to the next level in the Greenbush Recreational Area. You can even look into renting a canoe, paddleboat or kayak to get out on the water near Mauthe Lake and surround yourself completely by vibrant trees at all angles. Trust us when we tell you that there is no better sight!

Located at the beginning of the Kettle Moraine Northern Unit, the Greenbush Recreational Area also allows for a quick ten minute drive from our Inn at N4922 Hillwind Road in Plymouth, WI. We can’t think of a better daytime activity to partake in during your weekend trip. But don’t take our word for it; experience Sheboygan’s fall oasis today!

Make a reservation online by clicking on Availability, or call us at 920-892-2199.

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The 18th Annual Sheboygan Area Garden Walk is Coming Soon!

Can you believe that we’re already in the 18th year of the Sheboygan Area Garden Walk? Here at Inn on Hillwind, we’ll be the first to tell you that there are so many beautiful gardens to see while exploring the town. Just take a walk through the Sheboygan area and you’ll be able to see for yourself! But have you ever wished that you could get a closer look at some of the gardens you come across? Ever wonder if there are any other hidden gems nearby that you just haven’t discovered yet? Well now’s your chance!

The 18th Annual Sheboygan Area Garden Walk is Coming Soon! | Inn on Hillwind

The Sheboygan Garden Walk is quickly approaching, taking place on Saturday, July 12, 2014 from 9am to 4pm. The cost of participating in the walk is a mere $10 and will include access to nine different private gardens throughout the area.

Hosted by the Ivy League and the Lakeshore Garden Club, this event was first brought about in an effort to stimulating interest in the art of gardening, landscape design and home/civic beautification. Additionally, both groups hope that with events like this one, more people will become aware of the importance of protecting and conserving natural resources, wildlife and horticulture.  

The proceeds for the walk go to benefit a number of local non-profit organizations with a “gardening connection.” In the past 16 years alone, the walk has been able to raise nearly $100,000 for these organizations and both Ivy League and the Lakeshore Garden Club have high hopes that this year will be just as much of a success as every other year.

Rain or shine, the Sheboygan Area Garden Walk will take place in just a week and a half and we hope to see you there! If you’re planning to travel in from out of town, don’t forget to book your stay with us here at our bed and breakfast hotel, located at N4922 Hillwind Road in Plymouth, WI.

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Check out Our Local Farmer’s Markets this Summer!

Honestly, who doesn’t love an opportunity to sample some of the freshest fruits and vegetables of a new season? One of the best things about visiting small Wisconsin towns like Sheboygan and Elkhart Lake during the summer is getting the chance to experience the local farmer’s markets. Not only do you get to purchase some of your seasonal favorites as soon as they’re picked from the soil, but you’ll also have an opportunity to sample new things and discover new ways to liven up your plate!

Check out Our Local Farmer’s Markets this Summer | Inn on Hillwind

A lot of people may think to themselves, why check out a farmer’s market when I can just go to the grocery store for my produce? Well besides the fact that visiting a farmer’s market allows you to get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine, it’s also a great place to find a variety of fruits and vegetables that you may not even be able to find in a grocery store. At Elkhart Lake’s farmer’s market for instance, you’re likely to come across rare varieties of corn and tomatoes that don’t make it to the produce aisle simply because they either don’t grow in mass quantities or don’t travel well.

Then you do come across something new that you like, it’s a great idea to ask the farmer at the stand for their recommendations on how to prepare it. Due to the fact that most farmers will keep crop surpluses for themselves, they’ll likely have insider information on various ways to incorporate it into your meals. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch an interactive demonstration at the Sheboygan farmer’s market. Here you will be able to see how a dish is prepared, taste it and take home a copy of the recipe.

The 2014 Sheboygan Farmer’s Market will be held in Fountain Park every Wednesday from 10am-6pm and every Saturday from 7am-2pm from June until October. Not much farther away, the Elkhart Lake Farmer’s Market will also be held from June until October every Saturday from 8:30am-12:30pm in the Village Square next to the Historic Railroad Depot. The best part? Both farmer’s markets are located within a mere 15 miles of the Inn on Hillwind Bed and Breakfast Hotel at N4922 Hillwind Road in Plymouth, WI! 

With great food and an incredible atmosphere to be experienced at both markets, how could you possibly visit the area and not stop by? Make a reservation online by clicking on Availability, or call us at 920-892-2199.

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Join Us for Jazz On The Vine!

May is upon us, and the Osthoff Resort’s 12th annual Jazz on the Vine Festival will be here before you know it. The dates for the festival are May 9-11th and those in attendance will be entertained by many world-famous jazz musicians as the concert season begins in Elkhart Lake, WI. There’s absolutely no doubt that Jazz enthusiasts nationwide will be converging at this highly anticipated festival in our own backyard.

This year’s line-up reads like a who’s who in the jazz world. Just a few of the artists we will be seeing include RnR, featuring Rick Braun and Richard Elliot; Maysa; Global Noize/Sly Re-Imagined with Jason Miles; our festival host, Darren Rahn; Andy Snitzer and Maya Azucena; Nona Hendryx; Urban Jazz Coalition; Chieli Minucci and Special EFX, with Karen Briggs and Lao Tizer; Steve Cole and Marcell Guyton. You are sure to be treated to some amazing performances from these master jazz musicians!

As this is Jazz on the Vine, let us not forget our wines. You will have the opportunity to try over 100 wines, both foreign and domestic. The list foreign wines will come from Chile, Greece, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand and Spain, whereas domestics hail from California, Washington State, Oregon and many other states accredited with their incredible wine selections. As if that isn’t enough, Osthoff’s award-winning chefs will be providing you with sophisticated, unique and varied culinary delights.

The 2014 Jazz on the Vine Festival will be an experience you won’t soon forget. You can relax and unwind, forget the business of the day and listen to world-class musicians do their thing as only they can. You will be with jazz aficionados from all over the country and you are sure to make new friends as you share this time with other people who love jazz as much as you do. So, come and join us this year. Believe us when we say that you will want to return again and again!

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Race Out to Road America This Summer!

The weather is finally starting to heat back up and we think it’s safe to say that spring is in full bloom! What better time than now to begin planning a weekend getaway? With over 425 events held at Road America each year, we’re sure that you will have no trouble finding a few races to peak your interest over a long weekend!

If you’re a bit unfamiliar with Road America, you’re probably amongst the minority, as the track is renown all over the globe as one of the greatest and most challenging road courses in the world. Each year, roughly 800,000 visitors make their way to the Elkhart Lake, WI area to enjoy the park-like ambiance, great food and thrilling races between the world’s fastest riders and drivers.

The 640-acre motorsports facility is home to a 4.048-mile permanent road course with 14 turns, and a 1-mile supermoto/karting track. As the brainchild of highway engineer, Clif Tufte during the early 1950’s after sports car races were banned from public roads, races have been taking place at Road America every year since 1955. Although countless improvements have been made to the entire facility over the years, the original 4.048-mile, 14 turn track has remained unaltered, allowing us to keep a sizeable slice of Elkhart Lake history alive and well.

Fortunately for all of you racing enthusiasts out there, you’ll find that there is some sort of event being held at Road America practically any day of the week. This makes it even easier to pick a time to head out this way for a little bit of fun! Remember that regardless of whether the race you’re interested in is taking place next month or three months from now, it’s never too early to book your stay with Inn on Hillwind!

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Get Spooky this Halloween with Caper Company’s Ghost Walk!

In some minds, the arrival of fall means one thing: Halloween is just around the corner. Not only do we get excited for costumes and copious amounts of sweets, but deep down there is a part of all of us that enjoys the thrill of being scared. Halloween brings ghost stories, haunted houses and all of that kind of chill-inducing stuff that many of us wait all year for and we just can’t wait to get our fix. If this sounds anything like you, then you definitely need to check out the Port Washington Ghost Walk during your next trip to the Sheboygan area.

2013 Port Washington Ghost Walk - Photo Courtesy: Caper Company - Inn on Hillwind - Shebyogan WI

About a 35-minute drive south of Sheboygan, Port Washington is a charming New England style village at first glance. Once you peel back its layers however, you’ll find that this area is extremely rich in haunted history. The 2013 Port Washington Ghost Walk is presented by Caper Company and will take place at various times on both Friday October 25th and Saturday October 26th. Tour-goers will explore some of the town’s most historic downtown haunts and the ghostly necropolis by candlelight for approximately two hours, and we’d be truly surprised if you walk away having not seen something a bit spooky!

Walk-ins are welcome at $16 per person, but we would highly recommend that you pre-order your tickets and reserve your spot for $13, as each tour takes a maximum of 20 people and you don’t want to miss out. All tours will begin at the Wisconsin Chair Company historical marker at the marina, so meet your tour guide there and be sure to wear comfortable shoes and layers, as the entire tour will take place outdoors.

By the end of the night, you’ll likely be ready to get out of Port Washington and rid yourself of the chills! Hop back in the car and meet us back here at Inn on Hillwind where you’re safe from all of the ghouls, goblins and spirits that you may have encountered on your tour! We’ll leave the light on – just in case!

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Race Over to Sheboygan for the Harvest Fest Half Marathon and 10K!

One of the greatest attractions in Sheboygan, Wisconsin is Lake Michigan. Coincidently, there is one great event coming up in the area that will not only allow you to take in and enjoy some of the most scenic views of the Lake, but will also provide you with a fun opportunity to raise money for a couple of great causes. Book a trip to the area and sign up for the Harvest Fest Half Marathon and 10K today!

This great event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 28, 2013 and it’s bound to be a ton of fun for all of you athletes out there! The Half Marathon is a total of 13.6 miles and begins and ends right on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Along the way, participants will have an opportunity to stop and refuel thanks to volunteers from the Above and Beyond Children’s Museum, a partner for the event that will be receiving a portion of the proceeds from your entry fee. The event will also have a hand in supporting an incredible organization called Oscar Mike Foundation, which is dedicated to helping injured veterans get on the move and utilize their full potential.

With the Half Marathon starting at 8am and the 10K at 8:10am, we would suggest booking a room at Inn on Hillwind for the whole weekend. Head out to Sheboygan on Friday, settle in and relax so that you can get a good sleep the night before the event, without having to worry about speeding to the start location the next morning. After the race, be sure to stick around for the awards ceremony and some festivities across the river at Harbor Fest! There will be plenty of live music, food, games and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Online registration only lasts until Tuesday, September 24, 2013 and early bird registration is going on right now! Head over to right now to sign up and then race back to the Inn on Hillside site to reserve a room for the weekend of the event!

Road America’s Exciting Month of June Racing Calendar

The month of June is full of fantastic racing events. Elkhart Lake’s Road America AMA and June sprints are happening the entire month, and fans are looking forward to the occasion. The June schedule is full of exciting races, and here is a list of what’s to come to the amazing and challenging Road America roadways.


  • Beginning May 31st -June 2nd, the Subway Superbike Doubleheader and Geico Motorcycle AMA Pro Road Racing begins. Road America’s 4.05 mile natural road course will be the arena for the annual Geico Motorcycle AMA Pro Road races in early June. It’s one of the most challenging tracks on the AMA schedule. This two-wheel race war draws quite a huge crowd, and includes a weekend of double headers in four different Geico racing classes. Fans are able to participate in open karting and drag racing demos.


  • The AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association) Vintage Motorcycle Classic gets underway on June 7th through the 9th. The race features vintage motorcycles from the 1920’s through the early 1970’s. AHRMA also showcases vintage superbikes from the 80’s and 90’s. AHRMA has dedicated its organization to the preservation of the heritage of motorcycle racing. The Road America track is a favorite for vintage riders because of its four-mile course, multiple turns and the rise and fall of the terrain. Fans will be entertained by cross-country and trial competitions.


  • The Weathertech Chicago Region SCCA June Sprints starts on June 13th and runs through June 16th. These sprints highlight everything from showroom stock cars to highly modified purpose-built racecars. The event hosts ten race groups in four days, filled with practice, qualifying, and competition. Road America’s trackside views are amazing and offer delicious food for drivers and fans.


  • Nascar Nationwide and ARCA/Trans-Am comes to the Road America tracks June 20th-22nd. Fans will experience ARCA and Trans-Am Qualifying rounds and wheel-to-wheel racing. Fans also get the opportunity to watch Nascar’s future star drivers test their road skills on Road America’s famous four mile, fourteen turn track. This challenging circuit separates the good drivers from the great drivers and fans get to watch all of the excitement.


  • The end of June hosts the Optima Face-Off at Road America on the 23rd. On this high-speed weekend, Optima Batteries holds one of its Optima Ultima Streetcar qualifying events. This end of June event includes autocross, road course, and braking and acceleration challenges. The Optima Face-Off also wraps up the June races and sprints month with an exciting style competition and road rally that fans will not want to miss.


The month of June gives avid race fans the chance to enjoy all styles of racing and high-speed competition; from vintage bikes to custom-built racecars. There is something for everyone craving speed at the Road America tracks this summer.

Jazz on the Vine

Next month, the 11th annual Jazz on the Vine Festival will take place at the Osthoff Resort, where world-renowned jazz musicians, dynamic concert performances and music enthusiasts from all over will kick off the concert summer season. Along with great music and food, guests will also be able to sample and array of over 100 wines from all over the world. Tickets to the event will sell quickly and accommodations are first-come, first served.

Here’s a look, and a few samples, at some of the artists and entertainers who will perform at the event from May 10-12.

Fourplay – On May 11th at 6:15 PM this jazz quartet will hit the stage with two decades of contemporary jazz experience.  They bring a unique style with the combination of varying elements of R&B, pop and other jazz foundations. Six of their recordings have climbed to the top of the Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Album charts.  In 2010, new guitarist Chuck Loeb joined founding members Bob James, Nathan East and Harvey Mason. The new group has brought a renewed energy and passion to the stage, pushing the limits of jazz once again.

The Larry Carlton Quartet – Larry Carlton is a nineteen-time Grammy nominee and a four-time winner. After studio credits with Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr., Herb Alpert, Quincy Jones, Bobby Bland, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt, it’s safe to say he is one of the most respected artists in jazz. You can find the Larry Carlton Quartet on stage on May 10th at 7:15 PM.

Acoustic Alchemy – Following Larry Carlton, Acoustic Alchemy will play at 9:15 PM on the 10th. This group, originally from the UK, brings 25 years of experience since their first recording. The bring an interesting and talented blend of acoustic guitar along with its electric counterpart. They’ve toured the world and now stop here at the Jazz on the Vine.

Michael Lington with Special Guest Bill Champlin – Formerly of Chicago, Bill Champlin with join Michael Lington on Saturday, May 11th at 8:45 PM. Lington moved to the US at the young age of 21 and 2012 marked the 15 year anniversary of his released self-titled debut. Since the 90s, he’s continued to put out top ten hits and passionate performances with his sax. 

Shilts – Visiting from London, Paul “Shilts” Weimar will hit the stage early on Friday evening at 5:15 PM. His 30-year career has spanned all forms of jazz, funk, soul and pop music, touring all over the world.  In total, five albums have been released, each one better than the last. His fun attitude and desire to produce good music makes for an entertaining performance.

Cindy Bradley – On Saturday afternoon at 1:45 PM Cindy Bradley will hit the stage.  After her debut album in 2009, she won best new artist at the American Smooth Jazz Awards and named Debut Artist of the Year by the Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival and Smooth Jazz News.

Matt Marshak – He released his seventh major album in 2012, Color of Me. He’s an appealing new face in contemporary jazz, with a blend of jazz, blues, rock, pop and funk. Smooth-jazz radio station in New York named him one of the best new smooth-jazz artists. His fun and certainly entertaining show will hit the stage at 3:45 PM on Saturday afternoon.

Marcell Guyton – May 10th through 12th at Afterglow and Jazz Brunch, this keyboardists will perform. “I enjoy watching the crowd and how they respond to the music we are playing. My musical style is most influenced by Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel.”


For more information on the Jazz on the Vine Festival, click here.