Sheboygan: the Bratwurst Capital of the World

With the famous Brats Days having come and gone earlier this month, we have a feeling that some of you may start to crave a few more of Sheboygan’s signature sausage soon enough. While others may attempt to imitate, most everyone knows that Sheboygan is the Bratwurst Capital of the World, which makes it hard for brat lovers to stay away for too long. Luckily for you, though Brat Days is only one weekend out of the year, this town is frying up the best each and every day.

Taking a step back here for a moment, you may be wondering how this whole brat-epidemic came to be in the first place. Bratwurst can be found almost anywhere in the U.S. now, so what makes the Sheboygan bratwurst worthy of the “Best in the World” title?

Well after a heated battle against Bucyrus, Ohio in 1970, Judge John Bolgert made the official call, barring all others from using the title. Noted on August 14th of that year, the landmark decision stated that, “The citizens of Sheboygan, through their sausage makers, bakers and backyard chefs, have established their right to the herein litigated title, not only by virtue of claim, but also by virtue of performance.”

This hard-earned title is greatly due to a few key elements, but the most prominent of all may be the fact that once the brats have been cooked to perfection, they are then served on a delicious Sheboygan hard roll. As a special kind of semmel roll, the Sheboygan hard roll is the only way to eat a bratwurst, in our opinion. Though there may be a variety of recipes and different brands floating around the internet and in grocery stores across the country, none can truly pass for the real thing.

So in addition to our famous bratwursts, we find that a lot of Sheboygan visitors are also on the lookout for a few hard rolls to take back home with them after their trip has ended. If this sounds anything like you, we would highly suggest you check out Johnston’s Bakery on Superior Avenue for some of the best. Any Sheboyganite would be happy to rave about the superiority of our city’s brats, so if you’d like to know more, just ask us! We’d love to make your stay here more as enjoyable as possible by pointing you in the direction of the best meals outside of the Inn on Hillside walls.